“Perfect place for a field trip.”

Loving Acres is the perfect place to bring kids for a field trip that’s fun and educational. The owners are so welcoming and the animals are adorable. There’s just one problem—your kids will come home begging you to get a sheep, goat or pig (or all three).

— E.T.

"There is always something new to explore."

Loving Acres is one of my boys' favorite places to visit.  The owners are kind and endlessly patient with kiddo questions and requests. It's a good-sized space, enough room to run around, but close enough to keep everyone within eyesight.  Each animal has his/her own personality, from the loyal patience of Radar to the sassy independence of Ruby.  There is always something new to explore when we visit.  Loving Acres is a great place for kids and the proprietors are the very definition of the gracious host!

— J.L.

“Highly recommend.”

If you’re looking for a beautiful (and affordable) venue for an outdoor event,  I highly recommend Loving Acres. It’s perfect for a small wedding, alfresco dinner party or any special occasion.

— A.S.